1985 / 10282gt / 1022teu - ex Independent Pioneer-97, Kariba-95, Contship Europe-93, Bold Eagle-89

Built by Bremer Vulkan Schiffbau, Bremen-Vegesack (49)
Container ship operated by NSB Niederelbe

Seen in Antwerp on 19th April 1997

Renamed P&O NEDLLOYD MOMBASA later in 1997, BUXBEACH in 1998, then HORNTEAM and BUXBEACH again in 1999. Sold later in 1999 and renamed BERNARD A then VENTO DI MELTEMI, then BERNARD A again in 2001, VENTO DI MELTEMI in 2005, BERNARD A in 2006 and AYSE A in 2009