Ship Types

Bulk Cargo Carriers

Bulk / Container Carriers
Ore and Combination Carriers
Self-discharging Bulk Carriers
Bulk Carriers
Cement Carriers
Great Lakes Bulk Carriers
Wood Chip Carriers

General Cargo Carriers

General Cargo Ships
Heavy Load Carriers
Nuclear Fuel Carriers
Open Hatch Cargo Ships
Refrigerated Cargo Ships
General Cargo Ships with Ro-Ro Facility

Containerised Cargo Carriers

Barge Carriers
Container Carriers
Palletised Cargo Ships
Ro-Ro Container Carriers
Ro-Ro / Lo-Lo Cargo Ships
Ro-Ro Cargo Ships

Liquid Cargo Carriers

Chemical / Product Tankers
Fruit Juice Tankers
Crude Oil Tankers
Shuttle Tankers
Oil Product Tankers
Tank Barges
Edible Oil Tankers
Water Tankers

Liquified Gas Carriers

Carbon Dioxide Carriers
Liquified Natural Gas Carriers
Liquified Petroleum Gas Carriers

Multi-Deck Vessels

Livestock Carriers
Ro-Ro Cargo / Vehicle Carriers
Vehicle Carriers

Ferries and Passenger Vessels

Excursion Vessels
Passenger Ferries
Hovercraft and Air Cushion Vessels
Passenger Ro-Ro Ferries
Passenger Ships
Ro-Ro Ferries
Passenger Tenders

Warships and Naval Vessels

Naval Transports
Replenishment Ships
Support and Depot Ships
Naval Auxiliaries
Cruisers and Battleships
Aircraft and Helicopter Carriers
Landing Craft
Assault Ships
Mine Warfare Craft
Corvettes and Patrol Vessels
Naval Yard Craft

Navigational Aid Vessels

Buoy and Lighthouse Tenders
Pilot Boats
Pilot Ships

Fishing Vessels

Beam and Side Trawlers
Creel Boats
Shellfish Dredgers
Well Boats
Fishing Vessels
Line Fishing Vessels
Pelagic Trawlers
Seine Netters
Stern Trawlers
Fish Farm Workboats


Bucket Dredgers
Grab and Backhoe Dredgers
Grab Hopper Dredgers
Hoppers and Hopper Barges
Sand and Stone Carriers
Suction Dredgers
Suction Hopper Dredgers

Offshore and Construction Vessels

Barges and Pontoons
Cable Ships
Crane Vessels
Offshore Construction Vessels
Diving Support Ships
Semi-submersible Heavy Lift Ships
Pipe Laying Vessels
Rigs, Platforms and Production Vessels
Platform Supply Vessels
Standby Safety Vessels
Anchor Handling Tug / Supply Vessels
Offshore Crew Boats
Well Intervention Vessels

Research and Survey Vessels

Environmental Survey Vessels
Fisheries Research Vessels
Geophysical Survey Vessels
Hydrographic Survey Vessels
Oceanographic Research Vessels
Research Vessels


Anchor Handling Tugs
Lighterage Tugs
Mooring Tugs
Oceangoing Tugs
Pusher Tugs
Shiphandling Tugs
Tug / Workboats

Service Craft

Lighters and Barges
Floating Cranes and Sheerlegs
Diving Tenders
Patrol Craft
Pollution Control Vessels
Waste and Refuse Vessels
Search and Rescue Craft
Salvage Vessels
Tank Cleaning Vessels
Training Vessels
Port Tenders
Multicats and Work Vessels

Sailing Vessels

Sailing Fishing Vessels
Sailing Barges
Sailing Ships and Yachts

Other Vessels

Preserved Vessels and Museum Ships
Steam or Motor Yachts
Other Vessels