Reproduction Fees and Guidelines

Current reproduction fees are as follows:

Print Publications

Front Cover : GBP 75

Full page or double page spread : GBP 45

Half page or less : GBP 25

Background / Watermark / Logo etc : GBP 25

Other Media

Commercial websites; general use per site : GBP 45

Commercial websites; as a background or logo etc : GBP 25

Charity or Not-for-Profit websites : Please contact for permission

Film or Television : GBP 45

Other Uses

For example: Storage in a database or distribution on CD etc. : Please contact to discuss

Please Note:

Fees are charged once per photo, per publication - e.g. the fee for use on the front cover and inside page of the same newspaper would be just GBP 75, but for use on an inside page of a book and on a website would be 90 GBP (45 + 45).

Most images can be supplied at a resolution up to 3500 x 2400 pixels which gives a size of approx 12 x 8 cm at 300 dpi.

Due to current bank charges, we can only accept payment via sterling bank transfer or sterling cheque drawn on a UK bank.

Should a deadline exist, for example with a news story, and you can use the photo as it is displayed on the site, then please feel free to use the image first and get in contact afterwards to arrange payment.

Photos should be credited where appropriate as © www.shipphotos.co.uk