Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions which are not covered here, then please feel free to email us with your query or comment.

Can I publish your photos in my magazine / newspaper / journal / website?

Yes, subject to these reproduction fees and guidelines.

Can I post one of your photos to a mailing list or newsgroup?

No. Why not just post a link to the page in question instead.

Can I link to the files on your server?

No, definitely not

Can I purchase prints of your photos?

No, not yet

Would you like some of my photos to add to the site?

No, sorry, but we have limited webspace, and an awful lot more of our own photos that we want to add first

Can you help me research the history of this ship my relatives served on?

Almost certainly not - try posting a question to the Mariners Mailing List.

Do you have any photos of my old ship?

If it was in existence after 1987 then possibly; please email us to ask. If it was not in existence after 1987 then definitely not; try ShipSpotting or Ships Nostalgia

Where can I get ships details from?

Try the online databases at Equasis, the Miramar Ship Index and the Tugs List.

Can you help me ship my car from Cameroon?


Would you like to tender for this dredging contract in India?


We would like to buy one double bottom tanker, are yours available?

Absolutely not.

I would like a special last minute bargain for the trip to Brazil.

So would I.

I would employment on one of these vessels.

Again, so would I.

Do you also break ships?

No, the neighbours would complain.

Do you have the e-mail address for someone I met off a ship in China?

Please, be serious.